Simple, safe, smart.

No surprise bills or costly leak damage. Buoy® makes home water easy.


What is Buoy?

Buoy is a smart home water device that attaches to your water line and sends real-time data to an app that categorizes your water use, alerts you to leaks, and gives you the power to shut off water remotely.


Unprecedented control, total peace of mind.


Stop surprise water bills

Buoy shows your water usage in real time so you can control your water budget, and stop paying for water you're losing to slow or unknown leaks.


Prevent costly damage

Whether from a pinhole leak or a burst pipe, Buoy sends you an alert so you can shut off your water remotely, preventing damage and waste.


Enjoy your water

Watching your Buoy's data helps you keep your lawn or long showers and still be responsible — without sacrificing your lifestyle.

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It's as easy as 1-2-3

 The Buoy device transmits the data to your Buoy app via your home's wifi.

1. Install and connect

Install Buoy on your main water line near your home's water shutoff valve. Buoy's sensors detect even the smallest water use, and when you connect it to WiFi, Buoy will send your water use data to the app.

2. Download the Buoy app and learn

The app is where your water data comes to life. See how many gallons you use to shower, do laundry, and keep your lawn green. Chances are, you’ll see something else: leaks. The app will show the 10 percent of water that homes typically lose to slow leaks, and if there’s a sudden or potentially damaging leak, you can shut off your water from a button in the app.

On the Screens:

  • At-a-glance data for your entire home
  • Water use by category
  • Leak alerts
  • Remote shutoff button

3. Shut it off and relax

Buoy sends you an alert when it detects a leak. If you're worried about damage, you can use the app to shut off your water remotely, and or contact a plumber to fix the leak, giving you control and peace of mind.

Buoy's Shutoff is a Game Changer: 
Homeowners’ insurance companies pay $9.1 billion in water damage claims annually, and industry studies estimate that 93 percent of that could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shutoff.

Design and Innovation Awards


2018 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist

Fast Company recognized Buoy’s effort to better manage household water usage, helping communities grow and adapt to changes in water supply. The World Changing Ideas Award celebrates businesses, policies, and nonprofits that are poised help shift society to a more sustainable and more equitable future.


2018 CES Innovation Honoree

Buoy earned a 2018 CES Innovation Award, which recognizes innovative design and engineering for some of the most cutting-edge tech products and services coming to market. We’re honored to be selected by a group of experts across such a variety of industries!

The CES Innovation Awards are based upon descriptive materials submitted to the judges. CTA did not verify the accuracy of any submission or of any claims made and did not test the item to which the award was given.


2017 Edison Design Award

Buoy won gold at the Edison Design Awards in New York! We're proud of the work our design partners at Herbst Produkt have done to bring Buoy to life and further our vision for Buoy.

 Edison Awards Gold 2017 Winner

2017 Fast Company’s Innovation by Design

From more than 2,500 entries, Buoy earned an honorable mention at Fast Company's 2017 Innovation by Design Awards! This program honors the most innovative and disruptive design solutions to challenging business issues, and we're so proud that Buoy is a part of it.