We believe that, some days, a long shower is the best remedy. We believe that pools and lawns and robust vegetable gardens can be part of responsible water usage. We believe that quality of life and conservation are important, and that, with technology, those things aren’t mutually exclusive. We believe that good data drives good decisions, and that people should have easy access to their data. We believe water problems are solvable. Welcome to Buoy.


Who is Buoy?

Buoy® was founded in 2015 by Santa Cruz pirates Keri Waters, Joel Boutros and Hilary Bryant. They thought it was crazy that, here in the 21st century, homeowners have almost no control or information about their water usage. Buoy addresses both of those things with actionable data that’s easy to understand, giving homeowners the tools to tackle one of the big problems of our time: water.

Interested in a career at Buoy?

We’re always looking for smart, experienced professionals who thrive in a startup environment. Send your resume and a cover letter to jobs@buoy.ai.