Buoy attaches to the water line just after the home's main shutoff valve. It categorizes water usage in real time and sends homeowners leak alerts so they can shut off their water remotely via the app, or Buoy can shut it off automatically.

Buoy's data gives homeowners peace of mind and control over their water, and gives builders a way to proactively address a community's water resource concerns.

The Buoy overview presents real-time water use in a consumer-friendly way.

Buoy helps communities grow thoughtfully

For Water Agencies


Mitigates draw on current water sources without severe restrictions on development 


Ends water waste from both continuous/slow and sudden/large leaks


As options to offset water demand dwindle, Buoy is both more efficient and benefits homeowners


For Builders


Get projects built: Adding Buoys to houses is far faster than replacing toilets one by one


Current options to offset water demand are limited, meaning approved permits are limited


Homeowners have incentives to participate: Buoy’s data, leak detection, and insurance discounts


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