How it works


1. Install and connect

Install Buoy on your main water line near your home's water shutoff valve. Buoy's sensors detect even the smallest water use, and when you connect it to WiFi, Buoy will send your water use data to the app.


2. Download the Buoy app and learn

The app is where your water data comes to life. See how many gallons you use to shower, do laundry, and keep your lawn green. The app will show the 10 percent of water that homes typically lose to slow leaks, and if there’s a sudden or potentially damaging leak, you can shut off your water from a button in the app.

On the Screens:

  • At-a-glance data for your entire home
  • Water use by category
  • Leak alerts
  • Remote shutoff button

3. Shut it off and relax

Buoy sends you an alert when it detects a leak. If you're worried about damage, you can use the app to shut off your water remotely, and contact a plumber to fix the leak, giving you control and peace of mind.

Buoy's Shutoff is a Game Changer: 
Homeowners’ insurance companies pay $9.1 billion in water damage claims annually, and industry studies estimate that 93 percent of that could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shutoff.