Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Buoy myself?

If you are comfortable with household plumbing repairs, our installation guide will help you install Buoy yourself. Most often, a licensed plumber does the installation. After Buoy is installed, you can use our Quick Start Guide to get Buoy up and running on your WiFi.

What's an installation kit and will I need one?

Buoy ships ready to install on a straight run of 13" of pipe, but can fit into a minimum of 4"of pipe space with our installation kit. If you're not sure what you need, your installer can advise you.

Where do I install Buoy?

Buoy is usually installed right next to your home's water main shutoff (often there’s a red handle, or a pressure regulator on it) which might be right next to your front door, or perhaps in your basement. But Buoy can be installed anywhere along your water main line, as long as it is after the city's meter and before your plumbing branches throughout your house.

Is the app available for all smartphones and devices?

Yes. We have a complete web application, plus mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

When will my pre-order be charged to my credit card?

You will not be charged until your order ships.

Is my payment information secure?

Your order is handled via Celery, and payment information is securely stored with Stripe, our payment processor. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available. Payment information is transmitted using SSL encryption.

Will sales tax be applied?


What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your order anytime until it ships.

When will it ship?

We're busy upgrading Buoy, and expect to ship units in late summer 2017.

What countries do you ship to?

US only.

How much will be added for shipping?

We will add $20 flat fee for shipping.

Is there a warranty on the product?

We are offering a one-year warranty on the product after shipping.

Does Buoy need a power supply anywhere near it?

Buoy's rechargeable battery lasts approximately six months. To charge it, just remove the battery and plug it into an outlet in your home. If necessary, you can run an extension cord to the battery and keep the battery in the Buoy, but removing it to charge is best.

Does Buoy require WiFi?

Yes, and 802.11b/g are fine.

What is the monthly fee?

The data service is free for life. We do not charge a monthly subscription.