What is Buoy® and what does it do?

Buoy is two things: a device and an app. The device attaches to the main water line at your home and connects to your home WiFi network. Water flows through the device, and the app categorizes your water usage. If you have a leak, you can shut off your water remotely from the app, or from a button on the device.

Buoy smart water device sends the data to the Buoy Home Water app on your phone, tablet or computer.

What are the WiFi requirements?

The requirements are pretty standard: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz. This is probably what you already have for your home network.

Where do I install my Buoy?


Buoy is installed after your home's main water shutoff valve, which is often next to your front door or in your basement (you might see a red handle or a pressure regulator on it). But Buoy can be installed anywhere after the city's meter and before your plumbing branches throughout your house. 

Buoy ships ready to install on a straight run of 13" of pipe, but it can fit into a of 4"of pipe space with our waterhorn accessory. If you're not sure what you need, your installer can advise you.

Do I need to plug it in?

Buoy's rechargeable battery lasts about a year, and takes just two hours to charge. If your Buoy is indoors and near a power outlet, you can plug it in and use the battery as backup. If your Buoy is outdoors or not near an outlet, you just pop out the battery when the app indicates your battery is low, recharge, and pop it back in two hours later.

To charge the battery, slide it out of the device, attach it to the charging assembly, and plug the charger into a standard outlet in your home. The battery will charge in two hours, ready to go back in your Buoy.

Do I really need a plumber?

To maintain its warranty, Buoy must be installed by a Buoy Labs installer. Standard installations require cutting into a home’s main water line and minimal other plumbing services, take less than two hours and don’t require the plumber to supply additional parts. If a nonstandard installation is required — including new/additional plumbing hardware for the home, upgrades for older plumbing parts and other extenuating circumstances — the purchaser incurs all additional costs.

Will adding a Buoy to my home affect my water pressure? What if I have a 2" input line?

No. Buoy doesn’t lower water pressure throughout your home while it monitors and categorizes your water usage, even if the diameter of your water line is larger than Buoy's. Your water pressure after Buoy will be the same as the pressure before Buoy. This image is a great way to show why that's true:


How does Buoy know where I’m using my water?

Machine-learning magic. Your Buoy measures the flow of water through the device, and our algorithms are smart enough to know what’s happening: a toilet flushing, a dishwasher, a drip irrigation system, a leak, a water softener and more.

Will my Buoy work right away?

Yes. You can shut off your water remotely (from the app, using your phone or tablet) as soon as Buoy is installed, and Buoy will be able to see all your water usage data. Since every home is unique, it takes about two weeks for Buoy to learn your home’s patterns. During those first weeks, while Buoy learns, we don’t want to send you false alarms so we won’t send leak alerts.