How it Works

What is Buoy?

Buoy is a device that categorizes where you use water throughout your home. Buoy collects data when your water flows from the water main, through the Buoy and to your shower, sink, dishwasher, sprinklers and more. The sleek device is just 12” long and 6.5” wide and easily fits into the plumbing at most homes.


Install the Buoy Device

You or a plumber installs Buoy at your water main and connects it to your wifi network. Buoy immediately gets to work gathering data about your water usage.

Buoy app

Start learning about your water usage

Our proprietary data analytics and machine learning algorithms disaggregate your water usage into categories on a simple dashboard.

Buoy app

Prevent water damage

When Buoy detects a leak — minor or catastrophic — the app notifies you immediately so you can intervene early, prevent damage, and avoid surprise water bills.