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  • Business Development Director

  • Data Scientist

Business Development Director

Job Description

The successful candidate will be a strategic thinker with a deep understanding of channels available to get new technology into the home, and a proven track record developing an end-to-end sales process for highly consultative sales. Experience developing channels and selling other adjacent technologies for the home such as solar systems, home automation systems, home security systems, or similar is of particular interest. Decision maker contacts at homeowners insurance carriers, water agencies, homebuilders, and property management companies are a plus.

Location is anywhere in the US with regular travel to Austin, Texas and Santa Cruz, California.


  • Establish channels and sales strategies that maximize profitability

  • Recruit, train, and collaborate with the entire company’s sales force, including creating training materials and incentives to bundle, cross-sell, and upsell;

  • Defining and managing all sales strategies and tactics in conjunction with marketing, including campaigns, collateral, and events;

  • Assess market competition and developing responses to maximize market share,

  • Develop and reporting accurate sales forecasts

  • Qualify inbound opportunities and identifying segments and opportunities that should receive additional focus

  • Regular travel required, both domestic and international


  • Outstanding communication and negotiation skills

  • Strong track record of success in sales roles in tech companies with increasing levels of responsibility

  • An existing and current network of potential buyers of smart home technology and an understanding of how to build out the channels required to reach them

  • Quantitative modeling and forecasting skills


  • Experience leading cross-functional teams, including teams of high-performing sales and business development executives

  • The ability to be comfortable contributing to a casual, humor-based, performance-driven atmosphere in the office, including regular communication via slack with a distributed team, and then seamlessly transitioning to a board room when appropriate

Data Scientist - Santa Cruz, CA

Job Description

Resideo is developing and manufacturing products for home water management, and we need a data scientist with a passion for building great smart home products. You will work with an interdisciplinary team to analyze water usage data from Buoy devices installed on homes all over the world--one of the most extensive datasets on residential water usage ever collected.  You should possess both the technical chops to dig deep and uncover fascinating analytical insights from data and the communication savvy to roll-up those insights with brilliant clarity to help drive business and product decisions.


●Exploratory data analysis to discover trends and patterns in water usage data across homes, water districts, and geographic regions.
●Data curation. Maintain a database of devices, 
●Develop and refine metrics to assess our machine learning algorithm’s ability to accurately categorize water usage and detect leaks.
●Develop KPIs to assess the performance of our software and hardware components.
●Create visual representations of the data, through the use of business intelligence platforms (i.e. Tableau, Sisense, Looker, etc.)
●Collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of software, hardware, mechanical, electrical, and firmware engineers, machine learning and data scientists, while also occasionally interfacing with other departments.


●Bachelors degree and 3+ years experience in business analytics, quantitative economics, mathematics/statistics, or natural sciences. Masters degree preferred.
●Experience munging and wrangling with large, real-world datasets
●Proficient in a statistical programming language (R, Python, SAS, Matlab, etc.)
●Querying relational and unstructured databases (SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc.)
●Data visualization using a BI platform (Tableau, Sisense, Looker, etc.)
●Analytical data warehousing (BigQuery, RedShift, etc.)
●Familiarity with machine learning
●Business acumen and the ability to communicate complex ideas to a broad audience
●A proven history of technical problem solving as a resourceful, analytical thinker
●Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
●Must be a mature team player who maintains a positive attitude and communicates professionally, both verbally and in writing, even in highly stressful situations

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