Our partners are a top-tier bunch, brimming with expertise in areas that matter to us: water, innovation, hardware, customer relationships and more. Each partnership furthers Buoy's mission to put homeowners in control of their water so they can enjoy the water they use.

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One of the most reliable companies in household plumbing is also one of the most innovative. Delta Faucet Company is designing for the future with technology such as voice-activated faucets that integrate with smart homes. Buoy's partnership with Delta Faucet Company means that homeowners can see how they use their water -- and have a great experience using it.

A nonprofit created in collaboration with the Emerson Collective, Elemental Excelerator looks at the challenges of a specific place, and works with both the community and startups to find innovative solutions. With this partnership, Buoy Labs is bringing smart home technology to myriad water problems facing Hawaii, specifically, and expanding that to global applications.



The Highway 1 accelerator is specifically for hardware startups, and their team brings a depth of experience to the program's focus on design, brand, and exceptional consumer experience. Buoy fits this perfectly: a cutting-edge hardware company in an emerging consumer market, building a device that will make a real difference in people's lives. 

Cross Country Home Services brings a standard of excellence to customer care that is core to Buoy's values. Trust is important when a service professional is cutting into a home's plumbing, and anyone coming to install a Buoy is a licensed, background-checked plumber. We've partnered with CCHS to ensure that if you have an emergency with your plumbing, you'll talk to a real person, and get real assistance.


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Sand Hill Angels is passionate about entrepreneurship and the commercialization of disruptive technologies. Making early investments in companies that show real promise, they choose their portfolio carefully. Buoy's role as a disruptor didn't fit neatly into any one category – smart home, sustainability, water, infrastructure – which made Buoy a perfect partner for an investment team looking to make a big impact across industries.