Big news! Buoy is now part of Resideo.


Buoy is a natural fit for Resideo’s portfolio of smart home solutions, and we couldn’t be happier to join them!


We’re thrilled to be part of Resideo’s mission to make homes safe and comfortable. A big part of this is connecting home systems to home services, making it easy to know what’s going on with your water, electricity, and heat, and to get it fixed when something goes wrong. Buoy is a perfect fit. Our deep technology expertise brings together strong AI and the most comprehensive data set on residential water use, and our exceptional service make installation and maintenance worry-free. We’re looking forward to joining Resideo and bringing Buoy to automated homes everywhere.

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Let’s answer some questions.

How will this acquisition affect my Buoy?

Not at all! If your account, service, subscription, and warranty are active, they will remain so. Being part of Resideo enables Buoy to grow and improve more quickly, to give you the features you’ve been asking for. You keep what you’ve got; we’ll work on getting you more.

How does Buoy fit in with Resideo?

Resideo is making homes safe and comfortable by working to connect the core systems of a home — water, heat, electricity and more — to home services. Buoy fits right in, taking care of the home’s water system. We’re the first complete smart home water device for managing household water, and we already have end-to-end service with installation, leak detection, and water usage data. A perfect match for Resideo.

Will my Buoy get a bunch of new features now?

We’re always working to improve Buoy and are committed to making it better. We’ll continue to update the app, and we love getting your input for new features. Your feedback helps us make Buoy better, so keep the comments coming!

I bought a Buoy but haven’t installed it yet. Does this mean I contact Resideo for installation?

All installations will continue to be managed by Buoy’s SWIM team. If you haven’t already scheduled your installation, contact SWIM at 855.481.7112 and get that Buoy on your home!

Are there any changes to Buoy’s privacy policy?

Our privacy policy remains in place, and we are committed to keeping your data and information secure.

Are you excited about this change?

You bet we are! We’re happy to be part of Resideo’s expanding role in smart, connected homes.

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