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Please read the Southern Nevada Water Authority participation agreement (pdf). By completing the information below, you confirm that you’ve read and agree to be bound by both the SNWA participation agreement and by Buoy’s terms, which can be found under the Legal header at the bottom of this website.

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Shipping, Installation and More

Your Buoy will ship within a few days of purchase, and standard installation is included. The special pricing for this offer entitles you to lifetime data at your installed address, and you agree to share that data with the Southern Nevada Water Authority. This offer does not include an annual plumber visit. Buoy’s rechargeable batter lasts for about a year; if you prefer an outdoor power supply, it is available at an additional cost.

What is standard installation? In less than two hours, a plumber will install Buoy on 4-13” of exposed pipe that has at least 6” inches clearance from walls, pipes, and appliances, without needing extra pipe or fittings to do the job. For flex line installations, the plumber will secure Buoy to a 20x20x10 space on the wall that’s less than two feet from Buoy’s connection to your flex line.

Non-standard installations can require, at the customer’s expense:

  • Cutting into walls or digging up pipes

  • Reworking your pipes so to create space for Buoy

  • New copper pipe, pressure regulators, waterhorn, or similar supplies

  • More than two hours of time


Download the App

The Buoy app is how your Buoy communicates about your water use, and where you turn off your water if there’s a leak.

Download the Buoy app from: